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Spider Monkey sitting on a Capybara.

"i love dis butt"


all hail the dachshund king


"The Cleveland Indians’ home opener is Friday afternoon, and many fans will no doubt show up wearing Indians jerseys and caps. But at least some of those fans may be wearing Indians gear that they’ve modified in a very specific way: by removing the Chief Wahoo logo.

This is the ‘de-Chiefing’ phenomenon, a form of silent protest by a small but growing number of Indians fans who love their team but are opposed to the Wahoo logo, which they view as an offensive caricature. They say they’re not accusing pro-Wahoo fans of being racists or telling them what they should or shouldn’t wear. They’ve simply made a decision not to wear the Chief themselves.” (“Hail To De-Chiefing: Some fans are quietly removing Chief Wahoo logos from apparel they’ve bought” [Lukas 2014])

"I just read Kristen Bell's and Chris Lowell's opinions about VM for the first time and I can't. KB: Logan cheated on Veronica = false. CL: Logan was charged with rape = false. There are so many more comments that INFURIATE me. Not to mention the cast's infatuation with Piz. I've never seen Piz as Logan's adversary and I still don't like him. His character is flat and dull. Oh I'm sorry I mustn't have coherent brain function. The cast has actually taken some of my enjoyment from the show/film."


Agreeeeeeeed. I just listen to Jason, Tina, Ryan, Rico, etc.’s opinions and everyone else I just kinda tune out. 

I put this into the world for anyone who is confused when I say that the return of the Veronica Mars franchise has made me have mixed (leaning slightly negative) feelings about Kristen Bell, and has led me to love Veronica Mars, the character, even more. 


sometimes im leslie sometimes im april





When scientists get too honest

> I would love to see more science posts on Tumblr. I particularly liked, “The postdoc who did all the work has since left to start a bakery.”

Well scientists are still human after all.

The last one slayed me omg

the last one is pure gold